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The AMASS Artist Collective brings together students from the West Midlands and around the world who studied together during the pandemic.

The collective represents a contemporary, multi-cultural, cross-generational, cross disciplinary dialogue, existing between all levels of educational qualification and artistic enthusiasm. Amass wants to nurture an independent community of creatives favoring the fair representation of contemporary artists and audiences.

We are a collective of diverse artists brought together by our shared university experiences in a post-Elizabeth II, post-Brexit, post-pandemic era. We reflect the connections that people build in response to dramatically changing times.

We are first and foremost a community committed to empowering and connecting with artists and audiences in the Midlands, the UK, and the world.


  • Enable and encourage artistic collaborations
  • Support and empower community members
  • Encourage engagement with stakeholders that respect our autonomy and independence
  • Share knowledge, skills, and resources to create opportunities for all
  • Foster transparent, inclusive, accessible, and respectful communications at all times


A - Artists, fine artists, sculptors, digital, performance, audio, installation, film, interdisciplinary, conceptual, painters, abstract, graphic, print etc
M - Meetings, socials, events, collaborations, networking, workshops, knowledge shares, art talks, debates, art jams
A - Accumulate, ideas, opportunities, connections, knowledge networks, people, skills
S - Strive, Unity, diversity, togetherness, create a positive and lasting legacy, make an impact