Ian Green

Ian Green’s work is informed by the transitory and cyclical nature of a life and creativity and driven by his lifetime interest in collecting, engaging with and understanding the stories told by objects found at car boots, charity shops, jumble sales etc. This is combined with an influence of Hauntology and with the forensic act of mark making and the journey where everything has its joyous moment of flowering and fruiting before making way for the next vogue, trend, style, method, system, season, generation or epoch. He saves objects and concepts long past their time and in reassessing them alongside current ideas, imbues them with new life. He considers the nature of consumerism and the trajectory of where we've been, where we are, and where we are heading – and does it ultimately matter anyway?

Beyond is landfill.


web: bigchiefgreener.wixsite.com
instagram: @bigchiefgreener