Jacob Carter

Jacob Carter is a multidisciplinary artist working through a process of collecting, archiving, and playing with methods of display. His process driven work is engaged with aesthetics and material qualities, with a particular interest in fragmented forms. Works are concerned with a process of transformation, where objects or materials are taken into different forms or put through different processes. His sculptural practice is influenced by urban aesthetics alongside ancient artefacts and construction processes. Artworks have taken the form of ‘concrete paintings’ where compositions are created through combining different materials which are then set within a slabstone. Other projects have taken the form of sound and motion-based sculptures that often incorporate found objects and utilise technology like microcontrollers and DC motors, considering how the combination of digital and traditional processes can lead to a sense of unpredictability. Contrasting these raw functional materials alongside technology, he challenges ideas around materials and the possible functionality of his sculptures.


web: jacobcarterstudio.com
instagram: @jacobcarter_art