Jasmine Lee

Jasmine Lee 李穎雯(b. 1994, UK) is a British-Born-Chinese, third generation of Chinese diaspora, living and working in Birmingham, UK. She was influenced by late 2000s STEM education (STEM is an acronym in the UK education system for science, technology, engineering, and math disciplines), before she studied fine art at university. Lee has shown artworks previously in group exhibitions in the Midlands, the Science Centre in Stoke-on-Trent, and exhibited works in London, Rome, Venice, and Chios.

Her works are preoccupied with images and systems influenced by the external world that appear to have metaphorical connotations of the artist's thought processes. Her love of puns and wordplay appears frequently as titles, which stems from early bilingual exposure, and fascination with semantics of the English language.

Lee is a studio holder at Stryx, and is a member of Amass Collective, RBSA friends, and EOP at Eastside Projects.


website: jasminelee.com
instagram: @jasminelee.artist