Kat Howes

Kat Howes work is primarily interested in looking and perception, and how changes to time, space and context can affect meaning and visual interpretation. Her work is informed by contemporary philosophy, including ideas explored by John Urry, Doreen Massey, Laura Mulvey and the phenomenon of Tang Ping. She has used many forms of media in her practice including installation, drawing, photography and even designing and making board games, and has displayed her work in unusual settings such as shopping malls, lecture theatres and churches. She finds choosing the best process to fit the where and when helps keep her work multifaceted and dynamic; open to change and possibility. She hopes her work, by embodying and representing a place or time in a new way, or in a fresh location, encourages the audience to think new thoughts, or consider a new perspective on an old idea.


website: katherinehowes.myportfolio.com
instagram: @kathowes_