SPITE (b.1998) is a Phantasy Illustrator hailing from Leicestershire. They describe their work as an alchemical practice, a distillation of ephemera inter-spliced with myth. Closely bound to Jungian shadow-work and archetypes, a rendered cynicism laced with seductive detail confronts not only their own internal landscape but those of the banal world they have spawned from. Though wrought with brutality SPITE’s “CESSPITT” invites viewers with an open hand, to peer into a well of absurd lore and aberrant forms. To them, parable and the phantasmagoria are integral ingredients in addressing the horrors of the naive hopes and despairs of the human condition. 

Ink is SPITE’s lifeblood, the fluid that boils forth from the UV drip. The medium through which their will speaks and needles are directed. They study beneath giants, those that have informed their work greatly, from Bernie Wrightson to Ian Miller and Virgil Finlay. Literary influences include Joseph Campbell, Samuel Beckett and Clark Ashton Smith.


instagram: @impish_spite